About C.I.Agent Solutions

C.I.Agent is a proprietary blend of USDA food grade polymers that is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and nonhazardous. C.I.Agent is listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule as a “Solidifier” for use on oil spills in the navigable waters of the United States. C.I.Agent polymers have a long chain molecular structure that is highly cross-linking with organic liquid hydrocarbons, enabling C.I.Agent to solidify liquid hydrocarbons (sheen, gasoline, diesel, and oils, including crudes) upon contact into an inert solid rubber-like mass that floats.


C.I.Agent can be used in loose granule form, dissolvable film packs, pillows, booms, and hydrocarbon flow filters. C.I.Agent can be effectively used for both spill prevention and clean up. Prevention tool, C.I.Agent has become the engineered solution for the electric utility industry for SPCC secondary containment and for oil contamination removal in underground vaults and manholes. C.I.Agent Hydrocarbon Flow Filters, storm drain inserts, and sheen bags can remove hydrocarbons from water to levels below 5ppm without impeding the flow of water. C.I.Agent removes liquid hydrocarbons (sheen, and oils, including crudes) from both fresh and water without processing any water.


  • Solidifies all organic hydrocarbons.
  • Works in both fresh and salt water.
  • Has no temperature limitations; extreme heat and cold.
  • No expensive mechanical equipment required for recovery.
  • Cannot sink.
  • Renders hydrocarbons into a non-hazardous inert solid rubber-like mass.
  • Can be disposed of in most landfills, eliminating the “Cradle to Grave Liability” and fees associated with hazardous waste disposal.*
  • Can be 100% recycled as raw material for asphalt, rubber and plastic production, or burned as fuel